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The mission of the ARE is
to nurture competent leaders and engineers, who will be equipped with world-class expertise, so that they can contribute to the future development of the nation in the areas of industry, governmental organizations, nation-sponsored research institutes, and academic institutions.

Competitiveness of professional expertise
Our goal is to support students in gaining the ability to understand the basic and necessary knowledge in mathematics and basic sciences, which is the foundation for the solutions for engineering problems, and to help them gain the ability to apply that knowledge to architectural engineering

Creative comprehensive design ability
Our goal is to make the engineering design course, as it relates to architectural structures, a regular course, and to have students gain the practical ability to analyze problems from a mulit-level, or point of view, perspective, in order to foster more effective solutions.

Communication ability
Our goal is to make sure students have effective leadership and communication abilities, which will support problem-solving, who will also be able to demonstrate cooperation and creativity skills based on professional knowledge gained as a member of a professional architectural engineering group.

Social contribution
Our goal is to help students acquire professional knowledge in occupations related to the areas of architectural engineering, moral responsibility, and social and environmental judgment.