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Research Programs
The research program of the Division of Architectural Engineering (DAE) consists of structural engineering, environmental equipment, and materials and construction. The Division already uses cutting edge technologies in the analysis of the effects of earthquakes on atypical skyscrapers, and in the evaluation of their performances. Research on the evaluation of the residual strengths of damaged structures, and effective repair and reinforcement technologies, is being carried out. Also, the DAE conducts research on clean and healthy environments, where people spend over 95% of their lives. The research being done includes such issues as indoor acoustical environment, indoor air quality, energy-efficient architectural equipment systems, and environmentally friendly and sustainable ventilation control technologies. In addition, the DAE educates and trains experts, focusing mainly on work experiences in the areas of CM and BIM.

Building Structural Engineering
In the area of building structures, research on the analysis and performance evaluation of structures, with regards to vibration and earthquakes, and the development of earthquake-resistant designs, is being actively carried out.

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Building Environmental and Energy Systems
In the areas of building environments and mechanical systems, research on architectural acoustics, indoor environments, air quality, and mechanical engineering technologies is being carried out. At the Architectural Acoustics Research Lab, research on noise, vibration, environmental noise, indoor acoustics, and acoustic design regarding the acoustic environment, both inside and outside of buildings, is being carried out.

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Building Construction Management and Materials
In the areas of building construction management and materials, the concepts of CM/CIIC have expanded to Building Information Modeling (BIM), keeping pace with the trends of international construction technologies.

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