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Building Structural Engineering

In the area of building structures, research on the analysis and performance evaluation of structures, with regards to vibration and earthquakes, and the development of earthquake-resistant designs, is being actively carried out. The DAE already has the technologies that will enable a simple analysis of skyscrapers or atypical buildings. A variety of research is being carried out on evaluation technologies so that predictions of the structural functions of concrete, steel and hybrid structures can be made. By carrying out specific research on the commercial possibilities of repair and reinforcement technologies for old buildings, the DAE has developed the ability to carry out large-scale experiments for performance evaluation. In addition, evaluation methods and efficient analysis methods are also being developed. These methods consider the shear walls and masonry infilled walls that are frequently used in buildings of Korea.

Han, Sang-Whan
Choi, Chang-Sik
Yu, Eun-Jong