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Building Environmental and Energy Systems

In the areas of building environments and mechanical systems, research on architectural acoustics, indoor environments, air quality, and mechanical engineering technologies is being carried out. At the Architectural Acoustics Research Lab, research on noise, vibration, environmental noise, indoor acoustics, and acoustic design regarding the acoustic environment, both inside and outside of buildings, is being carried out. The scope of the research has recently expanded to include the areas of sound quality and soundscape, based on acoustic psychology. In the area of building environments, studies on air quality improvement, ways to reduce ventilation energy loads, and energy reduction in buildings is being carried out. At the Building Environmental and Mechanical Research Lab, research on ventilation facilities, control technologies including outside air duct systems, and the technologies of applying renewable energy and alternative energy to buildings is being carried out. Furthermore, the DAE is playing a leading role in developing environmentally friendly and sustainable construction equipment technologies, and core construction equipment technologies.

Jeon, Jin-Yong
Park, Jun-seok
Jeong, Jae-Weon