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Construction Research Lab of Hanyang University
The Construction Research Lab was established on November 1,
1993, with the goal of invigorating research at the university,
and training advanced researchers so they gain expertise.
For this purpose, the Lab carries out in-depth research in the
areas of architecture, civil engineering, the environment,
academic research on construction technologies, and policies
that keep pace with construction industry. It also solidifies the
academic-industrial collaboration in the research of technologies
and policy-making.

In order to survive the competition with other advanced countries
which have more experience and excellent technologies, the
Construction Research Lab realized that the Korean construction
industry needs to make the transition to a technology-intensive
system, and thus seeks to train specialized researchers in the
areas of architecture, civil engineering, and environmental
engineering. It is also trying to establish or create a collaboration research scheme between the research labs at the university and the labs of related businesses, while maintaining close relationships with governmental agencies and research institutes, thereby contributing to the construction industry and academic research.

Research & Development : Studies of technology policies in the areas of construction, civil engineering, urban development, transportation, and environment
Academic-industrial collaboration : Joint research and development, technology training and education
Academic activities : Publishing books, collecting related documents, hosting seminars, participating in symposia, publishing theses, and providing bursaries
Training : Granting research subsidies to faculty, and scholarships to graduate students with outstanding achievements in research, using funds from Daewoo Engineering