“Training hyper-connected talents who will lead innovative growth in the future”  


Department of Architectural Engineering is constructing flexible and sustainable education/research/industry cooperation infrastructure with the vision of "training hyper-connected talents that will lead future innovation growth" through hyper-connected convergence education with advanced technologies of the 4th industrial revolution in the field of architectural engineering.



Educational Goals

“Training First-Mover who leads the world through hyperconnected convergence education”  


Department of Architectural Engineering is setting and implementing the following educational goals and detailed plans.


● Consumer-centered education system
We are linking projects related to architectural engineering and real issues with undergraduate education and research while reorganizing the curriculum completion system specialized in each major and student's career and interest.

● Practical / Convergence Education System
Through Industry-Coupled Problem-Based Learning+ (IC-PBL+), we are proposing a creative convergence talent development education model that (1) solves practical problems reflecting the needs of industries, communities, and schools, (2) fosters professional and advanced collaborative researchers that create industry-academic results, and (3) develops undergraduates into HYPER-Leaders, a high-end workforce, by playing a role as a self-directed researcher that creates new knowledge.


Research Goals

 "Solving social problems using interdisciplinary boundary technology
and achieving world-class research competitiveness”  


Department of Architectural Engineering intends to present social problem solution technology using various interdisciplinary boundary technologies and achieve global research competitiveness through the practical technology development process. Based on the research support system optimized for Hanyang University's practical academic style and the high research power accumulated by the Department of Architectural Engineering, the detailed future research goals of Department of Architectural Engineering have been set as follows.


● Convergence technology development
Leading promising fields of future technology through social/corporate contributing research, global problem-solving research, and industry-academic convergence research, demonstrating technologies for applying testbeds, and promoting joint research design/R&D between components.


● Hyper-Convergence Research Promotion System
Constructing convergence research groups that broke through interdisciplinary barriers, fostering convergence research projects, strengthening R&D in commercialization links, improving the research environment, establishing a consumer-centered research support system, and securing self-sustainability of research institutes.


● Achieving world-class research competetiveness
Leading research themes leading the world, strengthening quantitative and qualitative research capabilities through systematic research achievement evaluation systems, revitalizing global joint research activities and securing international patents, establishing excellent talent recruitment/support systems through research institutes, and upgrading Fellowship for graduates and researchers.