[Architectural Structure Engineering Lab]
Advisor Professor Professor Chang-Sik Choi
Starting with the definition of material characteristics by the development of new types of concrete, rebar, and steel, the Architectural Structure Engineering Lab mainly conducts research to improve the performance of structural members applied to buildings. Furthermore, the purpose is to develop advanced structural design models and standards.
<Main Research Areas>

- Performance-based high-performance concrete and complex structure.
   * A study on the modeling technique of structural materials through numerical analysis and finite element analysis.
   * Ultra-high performance reinforced concrete material modeling and structure design.
   * Research on the development and application of a complex structure system.
   * Performance-based design and analysis of concrete structures.
- Pre-stress / Pre-cast concrete structure.
- Development of eco-friendly rescue materials and new rescue systems.
   * Research on carbon dioxide emissions and construction waste reduction.
- Natural disaster prevention engineering

Main Research Areas