Multi-Scale Construction Materials Laboratory
Advisor Professor Professor Sungchul Bae
Architectural material research needs to understand the mechanical tung and accessibility of various materials through a multidimensional research approach that extends local analysis and scientific interpretation from atoms to macroscopic studies. Multi-Scale Construction Materials Laboratory (MCM-Lab) conducts research on the microstructure and deformation behavior of cement hydration in concrete, fire resistance, chemical properties, durability and performance of various building materials including concrete.
<Main Research Areas>

- Identifying the characteristics of cement nanostructures using synchrotron technology.
   * pair distribution function using stress Analysis.
- 3D printing cement material development
   * Identification of the hydration reaction mechanism of 3D printing cement.
   * Development of 3D printing cement-binder
- Eco-friendly low-carbon cement
   * Synthesis of waste recycling cement clinker.
- Physical properties evaluation of cement-based materials mixed with various nanomaterials.
   * Functional photocatalytic nanotube synthesis
   * Identification of the strength expression mechanism of nano reinforced cement paste.
- Research on cement materials for radiation shielding.
   * Performance evaluation of cement paste mixed with shielding material.
   * Improving the salt-making efficiency and identifying the characteristics of radioactive concrete waste.

Main Research Areas