[Structuarl analysis & Optimization Lab]
Advisor Professor Professor Eunjong Yu
Structural analysis and optimization laboratories focus on structural safety monitoring, performance evaluation, and reinforcement design for buildings. Structural safety monitoring is a technology that estimates the soundness or damage of a structure by comparing the data measured in an actual structure with the structural analysis result, and various optimization algorithms, system identification techniques, and finite.Somodel improvement techniques are used. In this regard, we are also conducting research on structural design using optimization techniques such as least square method, genetic algorithm, and artificial neural network. Recently, research on seismic evaluation techniques based on the performance of buildings centered on the structural wall frame and non-structural elements and seismic reinforcement using dampers are also being conducted.
<Main Research Areas>

- Structural Health Monitoring
- System Identification and Damage Detection
- Performance evaluation and Optimal seismic retrofit

Main Research Areas