[Architectural Acoustics Laboratory]
Advisor Professor 전진용 교수
Hompage http://acoustics.hanyang.ac.kr
Architectural Acoustic Laboratory (AAL) is conducting research on indoor sound, noise, vibration, environmental noise, and soundscape for the sound environment inside and outside the building, and has been conducting indoor sound design (concert hall, opera house, multipurpose hall). Recently, VR/AR and big data-based deep learning technologies, which are major technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, are being applied to medical convergence research such as digital therapy through joint research with Hanyang University Hospital in various fields.
<Main Research Areas>

- Room Acoustics.
   *Hall stage sound, diffusion/hmm/reflection design
   *The effect of the volume and sound absorption of the hole.
   *Diffuse design and diffusion sound field evaluation method
 - Noise and vibration
   *Development of solid/announced sound insulation system
   *Physical characteristics and sound quality characteristics of a weight shock source.
- Environmental noise and soundscape
   *Projective evaluation and prediction model of external noise.
   *Standardization of Soundscape Evaluation and Evaluation Act
   *Development of Soundscape recognition model and design technology.
   * Deriving the minimum recognition limit for sound quality factors.

Main Research Areas