[Advanced Construction Materials Laboratory
Advisor Professor Professor Doo-Yeol Yoo
Advanced Construction Materials Laboratory (ACML) is conducting research on developing new materials that apply industrial by-products and CO2 immobilization technologies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the construction industry. We are developing a technology that maximizes the ductility of concrete using various types of synthetic fibers, and we are also conducting research on the development of multi-functional cement composites capable of self-healing/self-sensing.
<Main Research Areas>

- Development of ultra-high performance/ultra-high tough cement complex.
   * Optimized for 180 MPa concrete blending.
   * Ultra-high tough cement complex with an extreme tensile strain of 10% or higher.
   * Technology for utilizing nanomaterials and modifying fiber surfaces.
- Multi-functional cement complex.
   * Development of self-sensing and self-healing technologies.
- Time-dependent behavior of concrete.

Main Research Areas