[Building, Mechanical and Environmental Systems Laboratory]
Advisor Professor Professor Jae-Weon Jeong
Building, Mechanical and Environmental Systems (BMES) Laboratory conducts research on all areas of architectural equipment and environmental technology essential for maintaining a pleasant and healthy indoor environment in buildings where we live more than 95% of our lives, as well as predicting and leading our future descendants.
<Main Research Areas>

- Zero and plus energy building technology.
   * Organic Rankine Cycle-based Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
- Next generation air conditioning and ventilation system (dehumidification and radiant cooling and heating)
   * Air conditioning system based on liquid dehumidification technology.
   * Non-vapor compressed refrigeration cycle-based air conditioning and ventilation system
   * Air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification system based on gas separation membrane.
- Renewable energy. (Solar, solar, fuel cell)

Main Research Areas