[Client Briefing & Program Management Laboratory]
Advisor Professor Professor Ju-Hyung Kim
Hompage http://cbpm.hanyang.ac.kr
Client Briefing & Program Management (CBPM) Laboratory conducts client-related research on construction projects, and its main research areas are Client Briefing and Program Management, which support clients' initial decision-making. In order to improve owner-centered program management and construction technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the New Normal era, there are analysis of the owner's decision-making process as well as application of digital twin technology (3D scan, mixed collaboration room, image processing) and risk management of large construction projects. In addition, we are conducting bio-impact evaluation of building materials and research on related animal experiments to live in smart buildings centered on residents.
<Main Research Areas>

- The 4th Industrial Revolution and the architecture of the New Normal era.
   * The smart city and architecture of the New Normal era
   * Large construction projects and Pandemic risk management.
   * 3D scanning and mixed reality
   * Image processing application
   * Biological impact assessment of architecture and related animal experiments.

Main Research Areas