[CM/CIC Laboratory]
Advisor Professor Professor Jae Jun Kim
Talents who graduated from CM/CIC laboratories are leading domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and CEOs.Large construction companies and CM companies are leading the domestic construction industry with their outstanding capabilities. As such, our laboratory shares its history in the CM field with the Korean construction industry, and the vast research results and human networks accumulated from the past have been the basis for making it the largest laboratory in Korea in name and reality. In addition to the regular curriculum, our CM/CIC lab operates various linked curriculums for government offices, academia, and research institutes. It has trained overseas construction experts hosted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and Certified Construction Manager (CCM), and continues to produce practical experts through the Shinsegae Construction Construction Academy.
<Main Research Areas>

- Study on the BIM activation plan and guidelines of apartment houses.
- Development of a construction technology and process simulation system using virtual reality technology.
- Development of an intelligent construction material procurement system based on wireless recognition and multidimensional CAD.
- Rescue the convergence industry base through the development of 3D printing technology.

Main Research Areas